How do you pronounce "tigase"

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How do you pronounce "tigase"

The pronunciation is like this: /tıgeıs/


Let's start with a brief history.

'Tigase' is a word which I invented at some time at the beginning of my work on the code. I am not good at creating cool names or logos and I did not want to spend too much time on it so I was just created kind of abbreviation from: 'Tiger Jabber Server'.
'Tiger' because then the Java5 with 'Tiger' code name was just release and Tigase is written in Java, so I wanted to highlight that it requires this particular version of Java.

For quite some time I thought that this word does not mean anything and it does not exist. As you can, however find out, I wasn't as creative as I thought. There is a place called 'Tigase' somewhere in the world and apparently this is also a woman name in some country.

As the 'Tigase' software name, however it has been invented as an artificial word with no particular meaning, therefore there is no a correct pronunciation for the word. I used to pronounce it as it is given at the beginning of the post but as I started to travel more I found out that lots of people say: /tıgase/ which is also fine and I actually like it more.
You can pronounce it any way you like and I am ok with it as long as I understand what you are talking about.


So, one syllable?

Two syllabus, please refer to phonetic alphabet for English language for more details.