how to connect to google talk server ?

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how to connect to google talk server ?


I would like to know how to configure file "tigase-config.xml" in order to let users in tigase server talk to googletalk users?

thanks a lot.


You don't need to do anything special.

You just need to activate s2s component (should be active by default) and you need also valid DNS name for the machine where the Tigase server is installed.

I mean if your Tigase installation works for domain: "" then the Tigase server installation must be accessible from the internet under this address.


Thanks alot, it works now.

another problem is " I can register user at the same machine using user@localhost, but can not register from another machine using user@domain".

The error message at log file is
2008-03-20 09:00:57 SessionManager.processCommand() INFO: Can not find resource connection for packet: to=null, from=null, data=<iq from="" to="" type="set" id="sess1"><command xmlns="" node="STREAM_CLOSED"/></iq>, XMLNS=null

PS : tigase server is installed behind a NAT server and I have set a virtual host for port 5222

I think the log entry you attached here has nothing to do with your problem.

Tigase server allows connections only for selected virtual domains. You can not just start the server and register user accounts in any domain you wish. You have to tell the server for which domains it is supposed to work.

Actually from this log entry I see that you have set it partially correctly. If you look in your XML configuration file you will find entries like this:

<entry type="String[]" key="hostnames">
     <item value="localhost"/>
     <item value="test-domain"/>

I think you added your new domain to c2s component only when you should add it for all components, including sess-man, s2s and bosh if you use it.

Basically you have to add the new domain to all components you want to work or the new domain. This might seem unnecessary complicated at first but this is just a simple installation. In practice you can have more than one sess-man and each of them may work for a different set of domains. The same applies to other components.

This kind of configuration is used if you install Tigase on large deployments and you want to split load on a few machines.