Tigase server version 2.9.1 release

New version of Tigase server is now available. The main new feature is StanzaReceiver - simplified PubSub. There are a lot of possible ways to benefit from this component.

The component and the API allows easy integration of XMPP service with other systems, especially with community building sites. There are a few ready to use modules for StanzaReceiver at the moment allowing integration Tigase with Drupal system:

  1. Authentication against Drupal database.
  2. Notifications about new posts on the forum.
  3. Short/Mini news posting from your XMPP client. This includes simple plug in in StanzaReceiver (Drupal independent, can be used with other systems) and simple module for Drupal - look for "Minis from XMPP" on Tigase site.

Let me know if you are interested in integration Tigase server with any other system or want more plug ins/modules for Drupal. It's easy to add more!

You don't have to install and use whole Tigase server to benefit from the StanzaReceiver. It works fine as an external component too. So if you are happy with your existing Jabber/XMPP server you can integrate StanzaReceiver in your working system.

Continue reading for description of all other changes...

New features and improvements:

  1. StanzaReceiver - new component added with plug ins and module for Drupal CMS.
  2. Configuration management at runtime - improved.
  3. Configuration generators - number of improvements, enhanced '--debug' option, support for many external components, support for undefined options.
  4. DB Schema - added foreign keys constraints to improve database integrity.
  5. Gentoo Linux startup files have been added to binary package.


  • JDBC connector - improved and fixed problem which could occur in distributed installation.
  • Replaced '_' with '-' in default names for server components. '_' can not occur in domain names.
  • Replaced naming convention from 'component' to 'plugins' for modules loaded by SessionManager. The previous naming convention was confusing and not accurate.
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This seems to rule a lot! Did you already posted a message on the Drupal forums regarding this cool Jabber integration? And did you already Digged this story? I just added this to my TODO list for the Coccinella website B-)

One question though; if I use StanzaReceiver as an external component, is it also possible to do "Authentication against Drupal database" with this other Jabber server?


Please use !#/bin/bash in tigase.sh, since it's specifically created with bash features in mind, or modify it to work with non-bash /bin/sh.


Thank you for spotting this out. I will correct my script.

It was added in Nov last year: Drupal authentication and I also announced it on Drupal forum.

Drupal authentication however is independent thing from StanzaReceiver and it is completely separate code. It can't be used for authentication in external component. Actually I am not even sure if even Drupal connector could be run as an external component then if any existing jabber server could use it to authenticate users...

StanzaReceiver, however adds even deeper integration between Tigase and Drupal and what is the most important offers API for easy creation even more plugins.... It all is not dependent on Drupal in any way. The Drupal integration is just an example.

I guess you fixed it on your own but the updated version is already available in SVN repository: tigase.sh