Tigase.org is the website of the Tigase XMPP/Jabber Server

If you are interested in the Tigase project and want to participate in any way you can request an account on the website and Jabber server in domain tigase.org. Please use the contact form to request the account and describe your planed involvement in the project. You can report bugs or request new features on the project tracker.

If you are looking for a free, XMPP account offered from the Tigase based service you should check the Tigase.im Website. This is the place where the last development version of the Tigase server is running. Check the website for more details.

For professional services and commercial Tigase products please refer to the company website: www.tigase.com

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Public XMPP Server Migration

Today we are beginning migration of our public XMPP servers.

  • tigase.im
  • sure.im

If you are hosting a virtual domain with us please make sure DNS SRV records are pointing to tigase.me. This will ensure seamless uninterrupted service. If you are using IP based lookups you will need to update as well. We expect the migration to be complete by the end of the month. You can contact us via email us with any questions.

Thanks for your continued support!

Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.1 release

A maintenance version Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.1 has been released and it's available for download. As always - binaries are available for download in the files section on the project tracking system. Sources are available in our code repository under the tag tigase-server-5.2.1 - tags/tigase-server-5.2.1.

Uncontrolled Resource Consumption with Highly-Compressed XMPP messages

Multiple implementations of XMPP core protocol (RFC 6120) supporting stream compression (XEP-0138) suffer from uncontrolled resource consumption vulnerability (CWE-400). This vulnerability can be remotely exploited by attackers to mount Denial-of-Service attacks by sending highly-compressed XMPP messages.

It has been reported that Tigase is vulnerable and it is possible to exhaust resources in one of cases reported. It is fixed in current snapshot builds of our software and new release 5.2.1, which is going to be released soon will contain fix for this issue as well.

Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 final release

Finally Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0, dubbed FTL - Faster Than Light, has landed in it's destination (that is our servers) and it's available for download. As always - binaries are available for download in the files section on the project tracking system. Sources are available in our code repository under the tag tigase-server-5.2.0 - tags/tigase-server-5.2.0. Maven artifacts have been deployed to our maven repository. To put a cherry on top we also run automated tests - successful results are available in our test page.

It could be expected that this version is not only blazing fast but is also packed with features - to recapitulate what has already been mentioned regarding 5.2.0 in previous posts   (Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 RC2, Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 RC1, Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 Beta3, Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 Beta2, Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 - FTL - Beta1):

Major additions to the Tigase XMPP Server in this release:

  • HTTP API with REST as the Tigase server component
  • Websocket support as a Tigase server connection manager
  • Message Archiving Component - XEP-0136
  • Socks5 Proxy Component with lots of interesting functions - RFC 1928
  • STUN Server Component - STUN
  • XEP-0198 - stream management extension with full support with ACK and Stream resumption. It is fresh but extensively tested already. If you do not have software to check it out or to test it, you can either use our JaXMPP2 client library which offers full support for the XEP or have a look at our Android client which can also make use of it.
  • XEP-0280 message carbons extension. Similarly to the above XEP full support for it is also included in our client side library and mobile messenger.
  • Tigase ACS - which includes main clustering strategy as well as MUC and PubSub cluster-enabled components! Those are not open source but we make them available for free for development and testing.
  • In addition to Derby, MySQL and Postresql Tigase now supports as well MS SQL Server.
  • Top notch improvements in security (v. Tigase XMPP Server - grade A software).
  • Inclusion of new PubSub 3.0.0 which features performance improvements due to reworked schema (v: PubSub database schema conversion),
  • Switched JDK compatibility to JDK7. Number of issues in Tigase server were related to bugs in JDK6 and patching them and creating workarounds was taking up resources. Therefore we decided to switch over to JDK7 which is now required minimal version.