Tigase stopping connection, data parsing error

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Tigase stopping connection, data parsing error

I've been running openfire for more than 1 year.

The current version has a memory leak and I have to restart the server from time to time in order to relase memory (one time per week, more or less).

For this reason I decided to change this server to tigase, I made the tests and everything was ok but when I changed the server and put tigase in production, I started seeing this message and customer started reporting that its connection was dropped.

I can see this messages many times in tigase-console.log.

2012-03-12 11:53:13 XMPPDomBuilderHandler.error() WARNING: XML content parse error.
2012-03-12 11:53:13 XMPPIOService.processSocketData() WARNING:, type: accept, Socket: Socket[addr=/,port=57394,localport=5222], data parsing error, stopping connection
2012-03-12 11:53:57 TLSIO.writeBuff() WARNING: Infinite loop detected in writeBuff(buff) TLS code, tlsWrapper.getStatus(): NEED_READ

Any idea about why openfire was running fine and tigase does not?

How could I see the packet which is offending tigase?

I'm using tigase-server-5.0.0-b2135


I suspect you don't have any debugging turned on? Please refer to Debuging Tigase and you could add to your init.properties following configuration:


Beware that the above could cause increase of resources usage.

What kind of client does it happen with?
Also, would you mind upgrading your installation to at least Tigase 5.0.4 or better yet latest 5.1.0 beta4?


I'm using IM platform as a BUS for connecting all components of a call centre system. We are having problems with CTI Agent, they get disconnected several times during a call.

We will try to test tigase 5.1.0-beta4 tomorrow, we are going to set up the new version today and will do some test in our development environment. If everything is OK we would move to production tomorrow morning.


If the problem persists with the recent version we could help you track it down and fix it.


Updating to the latest version the problem was fixed.

It has been running smoothly for several days

Thank you very much for your support.


I am glad to hear/read it. Thank you for update.