Tigase Bosh Test performances

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Tigase Bosh Test performances

Good afternoon every body,

Have you Tigase performances tests like that (http://www.tigase.org/content/tigase-load-tests-again-500k-user-connections) in bosh mode ?




Yes, I have run Tigase performance tests for Bosh connections. I do not have a detailed report like the article mentioned above.


And how many connexion did he supports ?

It's possible to have any informations numbers about the Tigase bosh performance test that you mention ?

Kevin Johns

Also, what tool did you use for BOSH load testing?


News about the statistics ?

I have used TTS for Bosh testing as there are no other tools. TTS is not perfect but enough to generate up to 60k online users with a significant load.
The main problem with Bosh is that huge resources are required on the client side - the load generators to run the test.
So the decent machine with Tigase can easily handle 60k online users connected via Bosh. The exact load on the server depends on the traffic and whether HTTP keep-alive is used or not.