Is there a mailing list?

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Is there a mailing list?

Is there a mailing list equivalent of the forums for those of us that prefer to interact with the community that way?

No, we don't have a mailing list right now.

I think it would be a bit confusing and messy to have both (forums and mailing list) if they are not integrated together.

Fernando Padilla

Sadly.. forums are just a huge pain for someone like me, I just want to listen in on all conversations so I can learn, and be involved without having to visit the website every single day.

Forums are probably great for you since you're probably on the forums all day long.. and maybe for particular users that only care about their small question or concern.. but not good to create a general involved community.. but that's just my opinion.. which no one else will hear, except you. :) :)

Also, I can't seem to find a way to create an account on this forum, so that I can get notified when things change on particular topics I care about.. Where should I go for that?

I got your point, you are right, listening at coming discussion is very useful in some cases. To be honest I am also tired with frequent checking the project website to see whether somebody has posted something new.
Therefore there is a way to receive notification about new posts (new forum topic and any comments on the website). This is however not an email message, this is the XMPP way.
Add following JID to your roster (just add a new contact and accept subscription request): And you will receive copy of each new post on the website.
There are two more 'magic' JIDs you may want to use: and where I occasionally may send some additional information.

Fernando Padilla

yah, I noticed the xmpp notification, but the issue is that I'm not online all the time, or even worst, my phone is on line all the time, and I DO NOT want to get random messages 24 hours a day.

That's what mailing lists are for, asynchronous communication and community. :)

anyhow, that's my preference, at the moment I'm coming back to the forums because I have one or two conversations going, but after that I'll probably never take the time to comeback, just as you said.

Also, I still can't figure out how to create an account on this forum... so I always have to put in my name and email.

Fernando Padilla

Yes, having to come back to the forum to check in on my current questions is a big pain..

I would recommend for you to simply create a google-group for tigase-users or tigase-dev, and start using it. GoogleGroups is not the best, but it does work. Later you can decide to or not to migrate users to a different mailing list, but most likely you'll be plenty happy with it, and just let inertia play along. :)

I understand your point and agree with you, at least partially. However, keeping both forums and mailing lists active for one project makes sense only if they are synchronized somehow, otherwise you end-up with 2 separate sources of information which is very inconvenient and painful to maintain. People would be confused not knowing where to look.

I will try to figure something out to add kind of e-mail notifications for the website/forum to make it more accessible to people like you. It may take some time though. Please send me a message using the contact form with your e-mail address. I will let you know when I add a functionality interesting to you.

The account to the forum is the same as the account to the website. Unfortunately accounts on the website are limited only to people involved in the project development/testing/documenting or any other way. If you are interested in participating to the Tigase project please use the contact form to send me a message and i can create an account for you.
This however would not give you an e-mail notifications about forum posts. Such a functionality does not exist here yet.

Fernando Padilla

I'm glad you understand my point, but I think I wasn't plain.

I say the forums are not meeting my needs, are annoying, and an impediment to forming a real community around Tigase. If there is anyone else actively paying attention in this community, please chime in and prove me wrong; if you really want to keep things the way they are.

For example, If you use something as simple as google groups, you get a mailing list, a web forum and full historical searching, all in one!!!! And anyone can actually get involved, with their real username and identity.

So I vote for you to simply shutdown the current forums, and simply put up a notice saying new discussions will take place in google groups. easy. Is there a way to call for a vote from the group?? :) :)

Fernando Padilla

Wow. I just wrote out my response and somehow it was eaten by the forum.. so I have to start over again.

I say that the forums are a pain, inconvenient, inefficient, and an impediment to forming a real community around the Tigase project. If I am wrong, I would love for anyone else in this community to speak up; and tell me that they actually want to keep it this way.

I know that you can try to do minor tweeks here and there to try to make it better, but really why waste your time hacking up the forum system, when you really want to be hacking up tigase. Heck, you said that no one can have accounts unless they have full developer privileges, that's just not welcoming is it.

I propose that you go and create a group under Google Groups; you will get a mailing list, a web forum, full history, and searching. Then put up a big announcement on the current forums telling people that new discussions will be at Google Groups, and turn off any new content on the forums. Any way to start a vote on this?? :)

Really, what are the "pros" of the current forums system? That you get to "own" it, to have it under your domain name? Do those really out weigh the "cons" for community building?


I just voted in the poll for Google Groups. Here are my reasons:

1. Easy for you to setup, and easy to maintain.

2. Combines both forum and mailing-list features.

3. Widely used by other open-source projects (popular and proven).

Thank you for your vote and comments.