On startup: ClassNotFoundException: jtds:sqlserver

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On startup: ClassNotFoundException: jtds:sqlserver


I was unable to do the proper install because unfortunately the GUI installer is a little out of date and mangles the JDBC string for MS SQL Server. I installed the db myself and then tried to start up Tigase by using the tigase.bat script. The log file shows some missing scripts (including scripts\admin\ConfigList.groovy) and then it gets a bunch of errors that are ClassNotFoundException: jtds:sqlserver. Do I have to download the jtds jar separately and install it myself? Or is something else going on? In my init.properties file I have this for the db:

--user-db-uri = jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://mydb/tigase;user=tigaseUser;password=tigase123


never mind about the classnotfoundexception, my --user-db was set wrong. now working on "no suitable driver found for " error.


fixed that i had --user-db set wrong. now i'm still getting "no suitable driver found for " errors though.


Found out how to get JDBC working:

1) Download the latest jtds jar
2) Put it in the \libs directory
3) Add that jar to the list of jars in wrapper.conf (and remove the deadwood jars that don't actually exist)
4) In tigase.conf make sure that net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver is included in the -Djdbc.drivers entry


...and also set --user.db=tigase.db.jdbc.JDBCRepository in etc\init.properties

I guess you handled this already on your own. If not please let me know. If you have any more questions or issues please, do not hesitate to ask.


I downloaded the Derby jar and put it in the libs directory; the problem went away.