Setting up Eclipse

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Setting up Eclipse

I'm working on setting up Eclipse to develop server code. I worked through the developer guide but am still missing some things. Here are some questions:

1. Should I be doing the build inside eclipse or using the command line?

2. Are there any eclipse settings that I need to set up? I am getting thousands of errors when I try to build. I assumed that was because Eclipse couldn't find the libraries but after putting them in the path, it still doesn't work.

3. Does one typically have the build process move the compiled jar files into the execution environment or do that separately?



You can build Tigase either way. I personally always build Tigase from command line, other Tigase team members build it from within Eclipse.

The best way, probably is to open Tigase as Maven project within Eclipse, then Eclipse should pull all required libraries automatically.

Then, even if you build in Eclipse, Eclipse runs maven in background to compile Tigase.

Deployment to execution environment is a separate process from building the code.


Thanks for the feedback -- very helpful