send messages to all resources like gtalk

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send messages to all resources like gtalk

Is there a way to get this effect? Maybe through configuration?

There is a plugin taking care of this. The standard Message plugins sends messages according to the spec. There is another plugin which keeps all connected resources in sync. That is it distributes message send from one resource to all other resources and also every incoming message is sent to all resources too.
I am not sure if this is exactly what you need. At least that would be a good starting point for your own such plugin. This is: tigase.xmpp.impl.MessageAll plugin and you can set it up using --sm-plugins:


Do you mean any message sent out by a user, regardless of destination, ends up getting sent to all the resources of that sending user as well? That would be interesting behavior for a specially written client, but would be very strange behavior for people using any normal IM client.

What I want is for incoming messages to be sent to all resources of the destination user, regardless of the resource (bare or specified, the message should still go to all resources). If this is not possible through a simple configuration, I highly suggest it be added as a regular feature of Tigase. Many users are preferring this GTalk-like behavior vs having to manage resource priorities, and for example ejabberd and prosody have some support in this direction I believe.

Yes, this is correct, in this "sync" mode all conversations in both directions are sent to all user's resources, so all resources have a complete chat history. I know this might be quite unusual for some standard clients but I believe it is worth an effort to convince client developers to add correct support for this.
What a benefit is of having sync for half chat (one direction) only? I guess there is some and I will think of adding a configuration options for this too.
For now it works in either full-sync or no-sync only. If you really need it my suggestion is to look at the MessageAll plugin and modify it accordingly or if you are not in a rush I suggest to file a feature request and I will implement it later.


so... same question. notice this is an ancient thread, has this ever been added? and if so, how do I turn it on?

I'd love for all my chat windows to be identical :| phone, laptop and tablet ... all complete with proper message history.