Problem with Installation in windows

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Problem with Installation in windows

Hi everyone. I have download the last Tigase Server version, and when I ' m installing it in step 10 of the wizard installation it seem like the installation is broken, because in that step nothing appears and when I click next nothing happens. I tried to download an older version, but the same error occurs. I have Windows Server 2008.
I hope you can help me.



Unfortunately I do not have access to Windows machine. It looks like different Windows version behave differently and I do not have resources to test the installer on all possible Windows versions. Please have a look at the test page for a list of tested operating systems:
You may also have a look at the forum thread where somebody reported similar problem and there might be a possible solution for you:


Hi I try to solution my problem from the thread that you told me, but nothing happens. I will try to change my windows and see if it works. Thanks anyway...

Regards, Matias