Plans to support XEP-0227?

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Plans to support XEP-0227?


it seems tigase doesn't support XEP-0227 (yet). Are there any plans to support it in the (near) future? Migrating from a different server to tigase would be a lot easier ;)

Btw.: Is there any easy way at all to migrate from a different server to tigase?

Yes, we do have plans to add support for this XEP soon. To be honest, since none of other server have a support for this, we feel like this is not an urgent stuff. Migrating using this XEP would be easier if other servers would support at least export for this XEP.

Yes, there is a way to migrate from a different server. There are database conversion tools available which can help you with migrating database over from other servers to Tigase. Please note, we worked on them a while ago and I am not sure how up to date they are but at least they might be a good starting point.