Options for a Private IM Server?

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Options for a Private IM Server?

I'm about to install Tigase, but I'd like to use Tigase for a private IM server. Can I disable the ability for users to add members of another Jabber server (only allow users@mydomain not users@anotherdomain)? I don't want to be part of the entire Jabber network if that makes sense.
Is there an easy way to configure this in the options, or is it like that by default?

Well, easiest way to disable federation (i.e. communication with other xmpp servers) is to disable s2s component which can be done by inserting into init.properties following line:


Disabling option for adding contacts from other servers to the roster on the other hand might be a bit tricky...

Indeed, there is no way right now to prevent people from adding accounts from different domains to their roster, however the option provided by Wojtek effectively disables all communication with other servers.