MUC help for android client

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MUC help for android client

I am new for MUC can any one help me to for implementation of MUC on android client.


I suggest you to look at the MUC spec:


Hi Artur, where we can get some Android Jaxmpp example or snippet?

All our examples for using JaXMPP library are available online on the wiki page.

Thanks Artur, so, does not have some example about how to use jaxmpp-android-2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar in an Android client?
Please show some simple snippet or some code from your Android Messenger. Android developers will be grateful.

Hm, thank you for your suggestion. We are thinking of the best way to publish source code of the Android client. In the meantime, what kind of example code would you like to see for the Android client?

Thanks so much, Arthur, an adaptation of the
"A very simple client in Java outputing presence" for Android could be wonderful.

Hello, we are interested too. I can't find the Android example in the wiki page. Can somebody send me the code?

Hello, we are thinking about using Tigase in the second version of an Android application although the lack of documentation of Tigase is a real problem, we can't find neither javadoc nor Android code examples. So we want to ask you if you will publish javadoc and/or add some android code examples to your wiki. And if the answer is yes when you think it could be ready. Because we need to take a decision in short term.
Thanks in advance.

To be honest I am confused here of what you call 'Tigase'. We have several projects here which we work on. The main is the Tigase XMPP Server. From what you write I suppose you are referring to our JaXMPP library.
All our open source code is freely available for access and download. Therefore we do not generate and publish JavaDoc for our code as it can be easily done by anybody interested in using it.
As for the Android examples. Our Android client uses JSE portion of the library so the example code would look exactly the same as for the simple, stand-alone command line client. This is just a Java library and there is no difference in using it regardless the platform you want to use it for.

If you are more specific with what exactly you need then we would be happy to help. Why the current examples are not sufficient for you and what particular kind of example you would like to see?

Hello Artur and thanks again for your time. We try to run the example "A very simple client in Java outputing presence" in android but just running the first line (trying to get an instance of jaxmpp) it throws a null pointer exception. Seems like something must to be tunned to run the example in android.

Could you please provide a bit more details? The exact code and a stack trace from the exception? Then one of our Android developers could help you with that.


Hello, Artur.We are thinking about using Tigase in our android application.Although I have read the example codes on the wiki page, but I still can't kown how to connect my andoird client to the tigase server exactly. I also think the lack of documentation of Tigase is a real serious problem. I can't find more information because there is even no javadoc.It is just like I buy a new electronic product without a user instruction book.And there is no
detailed example project for android,the only android app " Tigase Messenger" is not open source.

The JavaDoc for our JaXMPP library can be generated after you download all the sources from our repository.
I am sorry that you are unhappy with the lack of documentation, however, if you are talking about missing detailed example project for Android, I am afraid this is out of scope of our project. There are plenty of tutorials and guides on the internet plus lots of books covering the topic.
Therefore, it is better for us to focus on what we do best, that is creating a good quality code, rather than taking someone else job and writing Android programming tutorial.

However, if you have any specific questions about particular API's from our code, please feel free to ask and we would be happy to answer your questions. This will be even helpful for us to learn what we should included in our online documentation. Please note, we are simple unable to answer general questions like "How to write an Android client" or "how to do this or that for Android client". We can only respond to a specific questions related to use our libraries and code.