The Messages table in DB?

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The Messages table in DB?

I use MySQL, and use the SQL schema in it...But I didn't see any message table?
Does Tigase save any messages in DB?


Tigase saves only messages for the offline users (given that the plugin msgoffline is active)

A dedicated table for storing messages is used by AMP component only.


How to do it?I can't use AMP component....:(
Can you give a little point?


First of all, tell me why you need a separate message table in DB? AMP uses that table for storing messages to offline users only, anyway.
At the moment we do not have a support for storing chat history.


Because I want to use HBase to store chat history....

Could you please elaborate on this? I may have some suggestions for you.


My project needs store chat history, and I consider MySQL and NOSQL.Because the chat history will be very large in the future, and the speed of query can't be slow, so I choose NOSQL.
I will use HBase to store chat history.

In such a case I suggest to implement your own component to store chat history, so you can select any DB structure you want and any message table which is convenient to you.