Installation Problem - Tigase authentication against custom MySQL DB

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Installation Problem - Tigase authentication against custom MySQL DB

Hi, I'm trying to install the latest version of Tigase on Snow Leopard 10.6.3.
I'm using "java -jar tigase-server-5.0.0-b2135.jar -console" to install and everything goes smoothly until I get to the last step where MySQL database gets created and I get the following error:
Checking connection to the database
Connection OK
Checking if the database exists
Doesn't exist, creating... OK
Checking the database schema
Can't load schema: Invalid default value for 'last_logout'
Checking whether the database needs conversion
Something wrong, the schema still is not loaded...
Adding XMPP admin accounts
Database schema is invalid
In my installation option, I selected custom authentication against MySQL database.

MySQL version I use is 5.1.33

I tried using creating tigasedb before running the installation and also letting the wizard create it for me. Both give me the same error.

Any ideas why this is happening?



Setting up custom authentication is a bit tricky as it is... custom stuff. My suggestion is to install Tigase with default MySQL authentication settings and then change the configuration file manually for custom authentication.
I will look at the installer though to find out whether I can fix the problem in future versions.

I still get the same error, even with default MySQL settings. This wasn't an issue in v4.3.1 though.

Have you tried a fresh install or you are trying to install over the previous installation? Try fresh install.
If this still does not solve your problem you could possibly send me your config file and zipped log files. I might be able to help you having this information.

Yeah I tried a fresh install. I.E. Stop the server, delete everything from "/Applications/tigase", empty trash, delete DB and run the jar again.

I'll try to send you the details tomorrow. Thanks for looking into this.


Do you have a way to run the installer in graphical mode? I just wonder if this might be related to the console mode...
I usually install Tigase on Mac using GUI installer.

I haven't tried the GUI installer.
I'll give that a go when I get a changce and let you know how it goes.



This is fixed by changing the last_logout default value to:

last_logout timestamp DEFAULT '1970-01-02 01:01:01',

Thank you for letting me know. I think this problem is already fixed in the development branch 5.1.0.