How to set this server configuration

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How to set this server configuration

Hello, I have some problems

I would like to set the servers
like this

L4 switch(
Server1, Server2, Server + N ...


Client have a same domain( and L4 switch distribute a client to each server

For example,

I have two JIDs,

They are connecting Server1 and Server2.

At this situation, two clients can exchange a message each other?

I installed two tigase5 in the same server but diffrent port.

and tried to exhange message using PSI, but it failed.

what's the problem and I wonder that

Is this possible?(LoadBalancing and servers use the same DBMS)

Is there some special setting options?

please reply to me

thank you.

Shawn Clark

Can you show us what your file looks like in the etc folder of each server installation?

If you want to run a service on a few machines for a single domain, you have to setup Tigase in cluster mode or it won't work.
Moreover, I am afraid, you can't run a cluster installation (a few instances of the Tigase server) on a single machine.
Every cluster node must run on a separate machine with a different DNS address (hostname). The network configuration for such installation is critical. The 'hostname' command must return a valid host name and it must not be a localhost and it must point to a valid IP address (not
There is a script you can use which may help you checking whether the machine is correctly configured for the Tigase installation.

Of course if you have only one physical machine and you want to test the Tigase in cluster mode, it is possible with virtualisation.

An example content of the file to run the server in the cluster mode would be:

I hope this helps, if not please let me know.