How to log all user chat messages ?

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How to log all user chat messages ?


How to log all the user chat messages ?
I can not find this issue on manual,
is it possible ?

Thank you


What do you mean by logging chat messages? Are you talking about debug logs? If so then please have a look at debugging Tigase article. Otherwise, if you are asking about chat archiving then this feature is not available yet, I am still working on it.


Still can't archive the chat ?

There is no a standard support for chat archivisation in the Tigase. There was no demand for this to be honest. In all cases, companies that use Tigase want a custom archivization system for their installation.


I turned on the XMPPIOService level debugging as per the note below but it's not showing the contents of the XMPP exchange. Here's what it shows:

2012-03-25 02:58:08 XMPPIOService.processSocketData() FINEST:, type: accept, Socket: Socket[addr=/,port=64957,localport=5222], READ:

Is there a way to log the actual message exchange? Or have you guys finished the archiving feature? Thx

There is no way to log just XML stanzas exchange in Tigase. All packets go through processing in many parts of the Tigase components. Think of it as "chain of responsibility" design pattern.
Each component or plugin can log the packet being processed and additional processing information.
The closes you can get to logging message exchange would be switching on debugging for ClientConnectionManager or SessionManager.
If you put in the


This gives you lots of debug info about message being processed in many components of the server.