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Cross domain request

Hi all !

Does tigase support cross domain request?

i know that when an application access to tigase server with other host, the server have to give permission by cross-domain.xml. But with tigase, when i access from other host, tigase doesn't return cross-domain permission.
I know that we can use proxy to solve this problem, but in my case, i don't want to use proxy for cross domain access.

Can anybody help me !

Thanks !

If Tigase receives XML element as the first request sent over Bosh connection it responds with a content of configured cross-domain-policy.xml fie.


Thank for your help !

But can you show me how to implement this in client using strophe library.
I tried create new connection, then send a like this:

chat.connection = new Strophe.Connection('');

But it's not working :), because i should send policy-file-request before all request from client.
strophe use flxhr plugin for cross request and default flxhr plugin request to for first cross request and i don't know how to modify this plugin for first request.

Unfortunately I do not know strophe library so I cannot help you with that. Perhaps Strophe developers would be able to help you instead.