cross-domain-policy.xml in 5.1.0 beta2

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cross-domain-policy.xml in 5.1.0 beta2

I see that cross-domain-policy.xml support was added in Tigase 5.1.0 beta 2 for Flash clients connecting via Bosh.

We have 5.1.0 beta2 up and running and the cross-domain-policy.xml and bosh-extra-haders.txt files in the etc/ directory

However, when I connect to the bosh port (5280) and request the cross-domain-polixy.xml file, I get no response. The URL is:

All that is in the log file is:

2011-05-02 22:11:44 ConnectionManager$ConnectionListenerImpl.accept() FINEST:
Accept called for service: null@null
2011-05-02 22:11:44 ConnectionManager.serviceStarted() FINER:
[[bosh]] Connection started:,
type: accept, Socket: Socket[addr=/,port=55221,localport=5280]

Is there any specific configuration required to serve the file?


Tigase Bosh is not a web server and you cannot load policy file using the URL to the file.
Tigase Bosh is a socket server and to access the policy file you have to send a single-node XML document containing .


kobit, could you please tell me detail how to do that?
My server install on Window local is working ok.
However i have installed on Centos 6. It meet the crossdomain problem.
It seem Security.loadPolicyFile( "xmlsocket://centos6:5222" ); does not work.
Thank you in advance.

Where is this code:

Security.loadPolicyFile( "xmlsocket://centos6:5222" );

come from?
There is nothing special to Linux installation, in fact we all use Tigase on Linux only so it should work with a default setup.
What version of the Tigase server do you use on Centos and what on Windows?
And I think the security policy file can only be downloaded from port 5280 as this is the default Bosh port number for Tigase.