Transports on Tigase.IM are back

I am not sure how many people are already subscribed to news on our PubSub service or reading announcements on the Tigase.IM. Just incase you missed the news I am copying it here:

I am happy to announce that finally transports are back.

The new software providing access to external networks has been installed in a cluster mode so we have redundancy and in case one of the server dies, other will take over.

As for now, following transpors are available:

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Tigase clustering description

We have recently received many questions about Tigase clustering. You requested information how it is implemented, how it works, what load it can support etc....

As a result I decided to start working on some documentation to give you some technical details and better understanding of the whole thing.

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Generate Tigase Installer from latest comipled code

I have successfully compiled the Tigase server with pub-sub and running in debug. Thanks for the nice article Debugging Tigase.

Now I need to to generate Installer from latest binaries. The method describe in Tigase Installer is difficult to understand. Can anybody please help to generate installer from recently compiled jars.

Thanks in advance.


Register User/s Fails

I am running the latest debug snapshot of tigase server. When I try to register an account on my server using any XMPP client, I got the following exception.