Prepare the MS SQL Server database for the Tigase server

This guide describes how to prepare the MS SQL Server database for connecting the Tigase server to it.

Basic setup

It's expected that a working installation of Microsoft SQL Server is present. Following guide will describe necessary configuration option required for using MS SQL Server with Tigase XMPP Server

Preparing SQL Server instance

After installation of SQL Server an instance needs to be configure to handle incoming JDBC connections. For that purpose it's required to open SQL Server Configuration Manager. In the left-hand side panel navigate to SQL Server Configuration Manager, then SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for ${INSTANCE_NAME}. After selecting instance in the right-hand side panel select TCP/IP and open Properties, in the Protocol tab in General section select Yes for Enabled property. In the IP Addresses tab select Yes for Active and Enabled properties of all IP Addresses that you want SQL Server to handle. Subsequently set TCP Port property (if missing) to the default value - 1433.
A restart of the instance may be required afterwards.


Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 Beta3

The third beta of Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 has been released. Binaries are available for download right now in the files section on the project tracking system. Sources are available in our code repository under the tag 5.2.0-beta3 - tags/tigase-server-5.2.0-beta3.

JDK7 required from next Beta

Just a heads up. From next Tigase XMPP Server version (5.2.0 Beta3) you need JDK7 in order to compile it and run.

Unfortunately, there are some problems in JDK6 which cannot be solved without a significant effort, which are in turn easily solvable using JDK7. We decided that keeping backward compatibility with JDK6 at this point is too expensive in terms of work and our development time would be better used on polishing 5.2.0 release to prepare it for final.

Let us know if you have any comments on this.

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Java Error on MUC component (Tigase 5.2 beta 2)


i just installed Tigase Server 5.2.0 beta 2 on Windows 7 (to be able to test websockets)
when i start writing message in a multi-user chat (i'm using windows "Psi" application), i got that error in my console :

at tigase.muc.history.DerbySqlHistoryProvider.addMessage(DerbySqlHistory
at tigase.muc.modules.GroupchatMessageModule.addMessageToHistory(Groupch
at tigase.muc.modules.GroupchatMessageModule.process(GroupchatMessageMod