Problem with intallation Tigase with mysql

Hello everyone,
I have installed version 4.3.1 by GUI installation. My main purpose is MUC module. However after success installation (i selected all modules), i found only 5 tables in mysql: short_news, tig_nodes, tig_pairs, tig_users, xmpp_stanza. And try to use Pidgin client chat connect by admin user, but unsuccessfully.
So what i need to do more? where are another tables?
Thank you in advance.


MUC Configuration

Hey there,

Apologies for missing something obvious, but I can't seem to find this. (It has been a while since I've tweaked the configuration of Tigase so maybe I'm forgetting something) Anyway, Q: what do I need to do to turn on MUC? I can't seem to find how to do this -- I expected it to "just work".

For example, I have a chat server setup at

I expect the muc service to be at something like


MUC as external component unavailable with Tigase 5.1.0 beta2

I run two Tigase 5.1.0 beta2 instances, one as the main server and the other as external components. There are two external components, MUC and PubSub. Although the two Tigase instances started successfully, MUC is unavailabe.

Within Psi xmpp client, I can find all two services by Service Discovery. They are shown as:

XEP-0114 connected
XEP-0114 connected

Here are my files. of main server:

--user-db = derby
--admins =
--user-db-uri = jdbc:derby:/home/tigase/tigase-server/tigasedb

Mini WebChat for MUC

The Tigase server is not the only piece of code we work on. We also spend a lot of time on development of our new client side library temporarily called JaXMPP2. This is a universal library which allows you to develop XMPP clients on different platforms.
This includes web clients (GWT), stand-alone Java clients, mobile clients for Android platform and... I don't know, we will see.

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