Offline PEP or PEP history


How does tigase handle PEP messages to an offline user? Do we have something like an PEP history?

How does one implement something like this in tigase?

Please advice,
Stevenson Lee


MUC - Managing Discussion History does not work.

Hi all.

I'm using Tigase Server to manage XMPP stranzas sent from a web client (JSJac and Strophe) through Bosh. I'm sending a presence stranza with this specific History manage attribute:
According to the XEP-0045 Multi-User Chat specification (http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#enter-managehistory), the XMPP server should not return any history messages at all if you specify the maxchars='0' attribute, but the problem is that I keep receiving all the history messages even if don't want to get them.


Performance: Chat History


we use iJab as web client and latest Tigase version as Jabber server.

When we reload the page with the chatbar, it takes VERY VERY long before the ongoing chat windows (with the chat history) pops up again.

- Do you have an idea why it takes so long to recover the open chats and the chat history?
- Where is exactly stored the chat history for the active sessions? (in memory? Bosh Cache?, which classes?)