Code syntax highlighting lost on the website

Syntax highlighting for Tigase code examples in our documentation has been lost after last, minor Drupal update. We are aware of it and we are working on bringing it back.

For some reason the old markup for the highlighting engine is no longer recognized. Therefore all code examples using this markup are displayed as a plain text.

There is another markup which seems to work fine, however, converting all the code examples is a manual and slow work which takes some time. Also we might be missing some of the pages in the process. Therefore, if you find a page which is not fixed yet, please let us know.

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Can't authenticate against drupal

I setup tigase and no problem creating and authenticating account on the local server.

But when I try to authenticate against an existing drupal db, it fails with from what I can see from the log:

2010-05-08 16:47:32 ClientConnectionManager.processPacket()
FINEST: Processing packet:

2010-05-08 16:47:32 ConnectionManager.writePacketToSocket()
FINER: Processing packet: failure, type: null

In my init.properties file I have