Tigase + Strophe + Bosh connect not working as expected.


I have created a javascript jabber client which works using ejabberd + BOSH.

For interest sake, I tried to test it with Tigase, with not much success.

When I try to connect to Tigase using my javascript client, it sends:

but I receive no response in the client, all that is logged in the tigase logs is:

==> logs/tigase.log.0 <==


what is secure BOSH?

hi there

using the jaXMPP and reading the BOSH specs it has become obvious that BOSH is not as secure as i expected.

i am sending the my credential over in plain text.


and i always receive a 'secure' attribute on response.


BOSH Error Conditions

Does Tigase support Terminal Binding Conditions as described in section 17.2 of XEP-0124? It appears it only supports the HTTP Conditions (section 17.1) where are now deprecated (since version 1.5 of the spec). This is causing some issues with some bosh clients as they are not recognizing the old error reporting method.


Setting Bosh WAIT Parameter

Is there a way to set the BOSH Wait parameter? Currently, Tigase appears to just use the value provided by the client. If we want to change that to a shorter value, is there a way to configure Tigase to return a different value?