Finally version 5.1.0 final available

The Tigase team is proud to announce availability of the final 5.1.0 version of the Tigase XMPP Server. Binaries are available for download right now in the files section on the project tracking system. Sources is available in our code repository under the tag 5.1.0 - tags/tigase-server-5.1.0.

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9 x 213 x Success - We are almost there

We have been working very hard to prepare a final build of the Tigase XMPP Server.

To make sure this is the best release we have ever published we run huge number of different tests, such as load tests, functional tests and performance tests. This is all done to ensure the number of bugs is minimal and what you get is a significant improvement over any of the previous versions.

Tigase XMPP Server Tests Reports

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Tigase database minor but useful schema change in version 5.1.0

We have recently made a simple but very useful change to the DB schema in Tigase. It does preserve backward compatibility and it is not required to change your existing schema, even if you upgrade your installation to the most recent 5.1.0 version.

However, the change is very useful to track new accounts creation, therefore this article shows how to make modifications to you schema manually.

LDAP connector in action

Could someone paste an running example of the Ldap connector included in version 5.1.0 for user authentication ?