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On the way to Tigase version 5.2.0 - improvement to the project management

Tigase is getting better and bigger!

The reason for that is creating additional components and tools around the Tigase XMPP Server, so in addition to already available the Tigase MUC and the Tigase PubSub components, there are also:

Additionaly, to already available the Tigase Testsuite Tool, we have the Tigase XMPP Server Command Line Management Tool.

In order to improve build quality we turned to continuous integration and deployed Jenkins CI which is available in the BUILD section of the website, or directly - Tigase Jenkins Dashboard.

We have also introduced change in how we build distribution packages (please see Tigase XMPP Server 5.2.0 and later - compilation and generating distribution packages for more information). In principle we switched from Ant to Maven completely and decided to split distribution packages in two flavors - minimal server distribution with server, xmltools and utils and second one with all additional components and dependencies. We also decided to separate stable and SNAPSHOT maven repositories ( and so if you are depending on them please update your configuration accordingly.

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Tigase server roadmap

Tigase 5.1.0 has been released and we are preparing for work on next version or even versions.

At the moment we are working on the development plan, collecting all the features requested, bugs and figure out what is needed to get this all working together.

You can have a look at what is planned, in which version it is expected and roughly when. Have a look at the project roadmap page. You can contribute to the schedule by submitting your suggestions, recommendations or comments.

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Encryption and Tigase running on new JDK

During a setup of a test environment on the Tigase XMPP Server runing on JDK7 a client could not connect to the server using TLS/SSL encryption.

After investigation I discovered that the JDK7 supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2, a client was using a recent version of the OpenSSL library (version 1.0.1 from Ubuntu 12.04). Knowing that I tried to connect using a command line utility from OpenSSL to connect to a secured port on the Tigase XMPP Server:

openssl s_client -debug -showcerts -connect

- another connection failure. After testing connection using a command line ultility from GnuTLS (which was successful), I knew that there was an issue with the recent version of OpenSSL library.

Apparently even that OpenSSL can be convinced to work with proper parameters:

openssl s_client -debug -showcerts -ssl3 -connect
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Tigase Command Line Management Tool announcement

TCLMT is new utility to manage XMPP servers by execution of ad-hoc commands. It's designed to be simple and powerful in use and work in two modes:

  • non interactive
  • interactive

Currently it partially supports ad-hoc commands which are specified in XEP-0133 Service Administration and implemented by Tigase XMPP Server. As for it contains support for:

  • 4.1. Add user
  • 4.2. Delete user
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