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Tigase Mini Shop

I have added a Mini Shop on the Tigase.org website as an experimental feature.

Right now it is starting with two items - PDF versions of the administrator and developer guide available on the Tigase.org website. Yes, these are the exact copies of what you have for free online. Well, exact as to the content not to the form.

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We have just started a new website and XMPP server: Tigase.im.

This is a mixture of the Drupal CMS and the Tigase XMPP Server features where we want to provide users with a very close integration between these services.

For now this is just online account management but soon we want to offer much more. Ideas are endless and probably we are unable to make them all real on our own. Therefore, we encourage you to join. Simply use the service and enjoy it. If you are happy to contribute or just trow ideas you are very welcomed too.

Check the website for all the details.

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Tigase load tests on Nokia N900

Normally you would not call something a load test if there are just 40 user connections opened to the server.

This time, however the Tigase was running on the mobile phone which is itself an interesting achievement. One thing, however is to just run the application and another is to actually make it do something useful.

The Tigase running there was just the standard version you can download from the website, no single line of code was changed. And also the N900 was running all the standard applications as a fully functional mobile phone.

The only change I made to the phone was installation of the JRE and Bash shell, the rest remained unchanged and none of applications running on the phone was stopped.

All the connections to the server were established via mobile network and all the connections were encrypted with TLS.

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Tigase on Nokia N900

 I am at the XMPP Summit/FOSDEM now. Thanks to people form Nokia we have an opportunity to play and run some software on N900 devices and thanks to Florian from Flosoft we have SIM cards for data transfer.

What is the most tempting thing for the software developer? Well, at least for me is to run my software on any possible device.

Taking the opportunity to use N900 and play with it I just had to try to run Tigase on it. I have already tested Tigase on small computers, Netbooks with ATOMs and small amount of memory. Tigase passes all tests when run with 10MB of memory so I was pretty sure N900 has enough memory and power to run Tigase.

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