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Startup error when starting tigase..


I have installed the new 5.2.x version (downloaded the jar from the webpage) of the tigase server through java -jar tigase... -console. and have run it with ./scripts/tigase.sh start etc/init.properties. When I start it up, It gives this back:

etc/init.properties: line 1: config-type: command not found
etc/init.properties: line 3: --virt-hosts: command not found
etc/init.properties: line 4: --cluster-mode: command not found
etc/init.properties: line 5: --debug: command not found
etc/init.properties: line 6: --user-db: command not found


performance of 2 tests with tsung (tcp and ssl)

I made 2 tests of xmpp tigase server with tsung:
1. tcp, 12 connection per second, 833 sec per session = ~10k connection simultaneously.
2. the same test but with ssl

The performance were:

Server Connection Caps Total CPU Mem
Tigase SSL 12 10K 41% 1.3G
Tigase TCP 12 10K 21% 534M

Anyone has any idea why is the Mem is twice in ssl than tcp?


Bosh component problem: "No 'to' address, can't deliver packet"


Managed to get a 2 node Tigase + 2 node external MUC cluster set up; now trying to get the Bosh component running with strophe.js.

Am successfully getting pass the authentication phase (with a custom AuthRepository implementation) but am stuck at the following error in Tigase server logs:

2013-06-17 17:23:51.457 [in_31-sess-man] PacketDefaultHandler.canHandle()
INFO: No 'to' address, can't deliver packet: from=bosh@/457f2799-2f17-433d-95e6-82c54f05eded,
to=sess-man@, DATA=


Cannot connect to Tigase Server due to SSL protocol error -9800 on Mac OS X Messages Client

I am having problems connecting to my Tigase Server from Mac OS X Application "Messages". I tried this on two different machines, both of them cannot connect due to an SSL protocol error.

Other clients (like Psi oder several iPhone Apps) can connect without a problem, so I am not sure, if it is a problem that has to do with my server configuration.

My client's log shows the following error: