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Tigase Bosh problems


I have a strange problem. I've setup a Tigase server (5.1-snapshot) for a long time ago.

Connecting through normal TCP works quite fine, but when connecting with BOSH directly (no proxy, using a browser with no security), it goes haywire, and says on the server side that the user does not exists (from server log):

RepositoryAccess.loginOther() FINEST: User not found: xxxx@xxxx
tigase.db.UserNotFoundException: User does not exist xxxx@xxxx, , in database: jdbc:derby:db_data/

I can see on the server side that it gets connected:



MUC (external) routing in clustered setup


Would like to check my understanding and confirm that I am not missing out on anything;

I've got a two node clustered setup going ie. 2 x ( Tigase Core + external MUC ), running the ReceiverBareJidLB strategy.


Can't connect to tigase 5.2 beta


i am newabe in Tigase and I couldn't find understandable answer to my problem.
I installed succesfully the last 5.2 beta version of Tigase. I try to connect to started server vie strophe.js. Unfortunately I can not connect because of the problem below:

Strophe.js sends this message:

... and got this answer:


Plugin vs ad-hoc command

Hi everyone,

I have 2 questions about plugin & ad-hoc command, could you please help me to answer them?

1. In plugin code, it seems to me that I cannot access to session manager & cluster strategy instance. Is it possible to do that?
2. In term of performance, which one is faster for processing a custom stanza? Plugin or ad-hoc command?

Thanks in advance.