Tigase Server

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Debuging Tigase

If something goes wrong and you can't find out why it is not working as you expect you might want more detailed debugging options switched on. Tigase is a Java application and it uses Java logging library this gives you flexibility to switch logging on for selected java package or even for a single Java class. Logs files are stored in logs/ directory. tigase-console.log keeps all the data but only basic logs. tigase.log.N files keep all the detailed logging entries. So this is the place where you should look in case of problems.


Importing user data

You can easily copy data between Tigase compatible repositories that is repositories for which there is a database connector. It is not that easy however to import data from an external source. Therefore a simple data import functionality has been added to repository utilities package.


This is a component which make it easier to integrate Jabber/XMPP server with other, third-party tools. It simply allows you to send stanzas from your application without implementing any Jabber/XMPP specific code. The component regularly reads specified data source for XMPP packets to send. The data source can be an SQL database, directory on your filesystem or anything you might want.

Two or more SessionManagers

In the most cases you use just one SessionManager object for your Tigase server installation. A single SM can handle multiple virtual domains with separate SSL certificates for each domain.

Sometimes, however you need very different configuration for each domain. For example you wish to use a separate database for a selected domain or you need a different set of plugins for each domain. For one domain you might want to allow user registration via XMPP and for another you might want to disable this feature. In such a case you need to load more than one session manager.