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how to optimize JVM FOR Tigase Server

Hi all,
I'm a newie for Java, My Server hardware Like this:
CPU: Intel xeon 5506 * 2
MEM: 64G
HDD:300GB 15000rpm

when client connections more than 55000, then the tigase throw time no response exception, and the new client can't connect to tigase server.
tigase first connect to memcached for user verification. if memcached not matching tigase while connect to oracle DB for user verification.

1.how to optimize JVM argument


Unable to deparate the MUC Component from main deployment


Attempts to separate the MUC component are failing one after another here :)
I have checkeed out
http://www.tigase.org/content/config-type and

The tigase.jar in question can be found at https://projects.tigase.org/attachments/download/759/tigase-server-5.1.4-b2998.jar

What am I missing ?

main deployment:

--cluster-mode = false
config-type = --gen-config-all
--cluster-nodes = XMPP.com
--debug = server,xmpp.impl,db,muc,filetrans


online_status is not right in conflict case

Hi all
we have problem in chat server when user1 is login the chat server ,now user1 is login in other place the first login user1 is force to login out, and we also see the xml :

but the online_status value in db is 2 but not 1, in this case, this is problem. in this case we think the db value should be 1,because it is only one is login. what should we do for this? can help us?


Which version of MySQL does tigase suggest to use?

Which version of MySQL do you suggest to use with Tigase 5.1.3 server?